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ORBIT X-Y Ball Tracker

Orbit Instrument Corporation made this homely old heavy heavy-duty Trackball. Orbit said that this trackball was issued in 1966. It was installed in a control panel in a Military Air Traffic Control Tower as in the air traffic control photo below.

Orbit Instrument Corp. specializes in products for the Military and Air Traffic Control Systems that require a high degree of operational reliability over extended periods of time. The top plate is approx 8" x 8" and weighs approx 4lbs. The ball looks like an 8 ball. This will not hook up to a PC.

It seems a logical leap for the bright former naval radar technician, Doug Engelbart, to invent the first mouse in the mid 60s...

On the right are some scans of this pre-mouse. A ball mouse, after all, it just a trackball upside down—much smaller than this one.

The label says:
Orbit Instrument Corp.
ORBIT X-Y™ Ball Tracker
PART No. [handwritten, illegible]
SER. No.[handwritten, illegible]
a white field for more ID [handwritten, illegible]

Notice that the trademark symbol is subscript rather than superscript. The O in Orbit encloses a crosshair (+). A rocket tail and rocket off the O complete the logo.

The file name "AIRTRAFC" for the below photo [from MS Office 97 clipart] is its only identifying information. Note the round display screen and the person using a trackball to maneuver (the cursor?). [larger view]

MS Office 97 clipart labeled 'AIRTRAFC' - no date

top of the ORBIT X-Y Ball Tracker
The top of the approximately 8" square ORBIT X-Y Ball Tracker pointing device.

side view of the Orbit X-Y Ball Tracker
The bulky ORBIT X-Y Ball Tracker recessed into a counter top. This is the view from below.

label says 'ORBIT X-Y Ball Tracker'
Orbit label [text transcribed left]