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KoalaPad Tablet.KoalaPad Tablet

1984 - Koala produced this input device, the KoalaPad Model 004, in 1984. It came with a stylus and DE-9 socket connector for the joystick port of an ATARI 8-bit computer. Its pad area measures 4.25" x 4.25". The stylus marks on the pad by pressure, as can fingers. The transparent sheet is missing from this unit which would let you place an item to be traced between the sheet and the touch surface.

Its FCC ID was finalized 04/07/1983. Other versions worked on other 8-bit home computers: Apple II, TRS-80 Color Computer, Commodore 64 and IBM PCs.

Label on the bottom:

For use with Atari Computers,
Koala Model 004
Patent Pending

Gibson Light Pen by Koala

Gibson Light Pen by Koala.1984 - The software for the Gibson Light Pen System was developed by Steven M. Gibson of Gibson Laboratories, Inc. for the Apple II computer. Its interface card had to be installed into the computer to which the pen was directly attached by a cord. A lightpen works to draw and mark right on the monitor.


KoalaPad and pen.
KoalaPad and stylus

Koala logo.
KoalaPad logo

Koala  bottom.
KoalaPad bottom

Koala   label.
KoalaPad label