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Microsoft Mouse Timeline

1982 Microsoft launches into hardware design to develop a mouse.

1983 the first Microsoft "green-eyed" Mouse

1984 Microsoft branded a custom hybrid mouse for Xerox; invented the first serial mouse

1985 Microsoft "grey-eyed" Mouse 5.0

1987 Microsoft "dovebar" Mouse

1988 Microsoft sold its one-millionth Mouse.

1988 Microsoft Serial-PS/2 Compatible Mouse, clear.

1989 Microsoft Mouse sales passed 2 million units, and Microsoft was awarded a patent for internal mouse technology.

1991 Microsoft BallPoint Mouse

1993 Microsoft "kidney" Mouse 2.0

1994 Microsoft Home Mouse and IntelliPoint software. Microsoft shipped over 5 million Microsoft Mouse 2.0

1995 The award-winning Microsoft EasyBall was introduced, the first computer mouse designed for children.

1996 Microsoft Intellimouse with scroll wheel

1997 Microsoft IntelliMouse Trackball

1998 Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro

1999 Microsoft Intellimouse Optical

2000 Microsoft Trackball Explorer and Microsoft Trackball Optical

2001 Wireless Intellimouse Explorer

2002 Wireless Optical Desktop for Bluetooth

2006 Wireless Laser Mouses