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Mouse Beginnings

Logitech's first mouse, the P-4, was born in Switzerland in 1981. The P4 Mouse spins a colorful tale with many aliases.

Logitech Mouse Timeline

1981 Swiss born Daniel Borel founded the Logitech Company with Italian partners Pierluigi Zappacosta and Giacomo Marini.

1982 P4 Mouse / Dépraz Mouse

1984 Dépraz / Digimouse, the LogiMouse/LogiMate mouse solution

1984 the first cordless mouse OEM product for Metaphor

1985 Logitech Series C7 Mouse

1985 Logitech three-button mouse. Mouse micro-processor design by René Sommer

1986 Logitech Bus Mouse

1988 Two millionth Logitech mouse shipped - Logitech ClearCase Mouse

1989 Series 9 Mouse

1991 Kidz Mouse.
Logitech MouseMan.
9 millionth Logitech mouse shipped

1992 Magellan, TrackMan Portable. 20 millionth Logitech mouse shipped

1995 Logitech TrackMan Marble

1996 MouseMan. 100 millionth Logitech mouse shipped

1997 Cordless Desktop

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