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Macintosh Mouse

Here are five Macintosh Model M0100 mouses which differ only slightly by color, DE-9 pin plug style, retainer ring, and location of manufacture. Each mouse wears the Apple logo sunken into the lower left of the top. The "brick" shape tapers on all sides, including a ridge and slope part way through the width of the single button. They track with a heavy metal 1" rubber coated ball.

The top two are Platinum colored with slightly darker ball retainer rings. The one on the left is made in Malaysia, on the right, in Japan. Their plugs are the smaller size with smooth finger screws, ridges, and the apple logo on the front, Mac logo on the back. These are likely from the Mac Plus.

The bottom left two mice are nearly identical beige models with tan buttons and a black retainer ring. Both are made in the USA. The one on the left's cord is lighter colored. Both have the delightful large block plug with huge, ribbed finger screws. An Apple and a Mac logo brand the left plug, only the Apple on the right one. The backs of the plugs bear only faint numbers and the same grooves as on the front. These mouses were likely for the original 128k Macintosh computer.

The big blocky Mac plugs

The bottom right beige and tan M0100 mouse matches the middle one with its darker cord, but its plug is the smaller variety. Like the platinum mouses' plugs, this one is branded with an Apple icon and number on one side and a tiny Macintosh computer icon on the other. Horizontal gripping ridges recess on both sides.

The smaller blocky Mac plugs