Non-PC Mouses - Hawley Mouse House

I have a grouping I used to call server mouses because they were not for personal computers. They might better be called work station mouses. These are largely mysterious to a mere PC and Mac user. These mouses are a prelude to this section on the Hawley Mouse House division of Hawley Laboratories in Berkeley, California.

The Apollo keyboard came with the blonde Logitech wedge shaped mouse. The black mouse is from a NeXT computer. Two Sun mouses are both made by Mouse Systems, even the older rectangular one is optical. In front, covered by its cord, is an HP. The two round DEC mouses are my focus for the moment.

server and workstation mouses and an Apollo keyboard Apollo keyboard NeXT computer mouse DEC mouse made by Hawley DEC mouse made by Logisys Logisys mouse - blonde colored Sun optical mouse made by Mouse Systems Sun optical mouse by Mouse Systems HP ball mouse

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