Orbit x-y Ball Tracker

Xerox 'Star'

Hawley Mark II

Gibson light pen

Logitech P7

Mouse Systems Optical M1

Mac M0100 serial

Tablet with stylus

Microsoft 'Dove bar'

Internet scroll mouse

Kensington Trackball

Mouse Articles

Stupid Mouse Tricks

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Floating mouses

Mouses and Other Pointing Devices

Check out the Orbit pre-mouse below.
Behold the oldest mouse I've seen, ~the Xerox mouse.~
Or the early ~Hawley mouse.~
Mouse milestones and the ~Gibson light pen.~
Here're some snaps from the ~Mouse family album.~

Here are some scans of a pre-mouse.
~Description of this early trackball~
top of the Orbit side view of the Orbit
label says 'Orbit X-Y Ball Tracker'