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1991 The Logitech KidzMouse

The adorable KidzMouse signals more than the whimsical style which first introduced children to mouse computing. By designing for miniaturization, Logitech was able to reduce the size of the ball cage for its other mouses, enabling the ball placement more at the front for better tracking. Ironicaly, the KidzMouse ball has to sit at the back end of the mouse.

Here the "Mickey" Mouse by Qtronix and the Logitech KidzMouse frolic together. What kind of hybrid would they produce?


The ears are buttons and the cord is like a tail. Very cute. In testing an old KidzMouse, however, the tiny little ball tracked poorly and the wrapped-around cord got in the way.

The KidzMouse came in serial and PS2 versions as well as an ADB version for the Apple computer—all the plugs set into a turquoise colored cord to match the button ears.

Patent diagram for Logitech KidzMouse.

Photo: The bottoms of the Qtronix and Logitech mouses. Note that the ball of the KidzMouse is placed at the palm end. The cord comes out the palm end, like a tail, and wraps around to the side before trailing off towards the computer.

Thanks to Bob Fink

One of the KidzMouses in the oldmouse collection came from Bob Fink in California, complete with installation manual/foldout along with the user manual for the Dinosaur game. Many thanks!